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We are a large family with extensive experience in remodeling and construction projects for residential and commercial real estate. With commitment and dedication, always giving the best contribution and making knowledge available with the firm purpose of achieving well-being, tranquility and peace in the homes of our community.

Today, My Jennyangellc, leads a team of highly qualified personnel in materials and equipment of civil, sanitary, electrical, lighting and acoustic structures, who with diligent hands, complying with the biosafety protocol, redouble their efforts to consolidate works of excellence, at the established time and during any time of the year.

We are committed to the families and companies of Orlando, Florida, for giving us the opportunity to be part of the solutions and promote this great country: the United States with our services.

Jenny Ángel arrived on North American soil with a firm purpose, to make the dream of thousands of families in the construction area come true; becoming, over the years, the lasting and definitive solution.

It fills us with deep satisfaction to be among the leading companies in services, according to Homeadvisor, being the result of the effort of a whole human team because we do a good job and we love what we do!

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Installation of internal and external moldings, Installation of windows, Door installation and repair, Sairin repair , Installation of playbol in walls and ceilings, Installation of fenza (Wood and Vinyl)

Remodeling of spaces

New kitchen, bathrooms, divisions of areas inside the house

Flooring installation

Vinyl, wood and ceramic.


repair of ciling, walls, water passage damage.

Electricity: installation

lamps, fans, switch, doorbells, cameras, diswacher, disposal, washers, tumble dryer

Pressure washing

Houses, floors, deck and porch.


Faucet (dishwasher key) wash key


External and internal (with details), doors, Molds and Kitchen furniture.

On-line shop

Visit our online store.  Acquire quickly and safely our latest technology waterproofing and sealing products, which came to revolutionize construction systems.



Producto innovador 3 en 1: repara, sella y permea. SEAL UP distribuye bitumen líquido el cual se esparce entre las grietas.
Propiedades de protección de larga duración, anticorrosivo y anti raspones. Desarrollado para uso profesional.

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Proyects Achieved

Qualified Construction Personal

Tools and Machinery


My JennyAngel LLC, has extensive experience in the execution of works, applying advanced techniques in construction and remodeling of works, under quality standards.

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    Edwin Marrero: (407) 515-0469 Eng
    Jenny Marrero: (407) 591-9064 Esp
    Direction: 14214 fredricksburg Dr.,Unit 104,
    Orlando, FL 32837
    Email: [email protected]
    Siguenos: @myjennyangelllc