SEAL UP Original (Black)
SEAL UP Original (Black)
Seal Up Original (black) This effective and innovative product performs three functions in one: 1. Repairs 2. Seals and 3. Waterproofs. How does it work? By applying Seal Up to the surface being treated, it distributes liquid polymer that spreads into the cracks. Where to apply Seal Up Original?
  1. In water leaks in roofs, rain pipes, roofs and patios.
  2. On wood, metal, plastic and concrete surfaces.
  3. In joints, PVC pipes, metal pipes, ventilation outlets, bodywork, scaffolding and cracks in walls.
4 Mainly used in external areas such as bridges, roofs, steel structures, tanks, agricultural machine frames, bodywork, among others.
  1. In waterproofing and protection of concrete or cement surfaces.
  2. In the protection of materials in ports or the railway industry.
  1. Prevents moisture penetration on the treated surface.
  2. Excellent resistance to corrosion (salt resistance test less than 800 hours).
  3. Dries completely after 12/24 hours depending on layer thickness.
  4. It remains flexible and can be painted without problems.
  5. Offers long-lasting protection, with anti-corrosion and anti-scratch properties.
  6. Protects electrical components from water leaks.
Application mode
  1. Clean and dry the surface before applying the product.
  2. Shake can well for 60 seconds.
  3. Spray the surface to be treated and the adjacent areas SEAL UP ORIGINAL.
  4. Apply multiple coats, preferably during the coolest hours of the day.
  5. Store the product in a cool place and not exposed to direct sunlight.
  6. After using SEAL UP ORIGINAL, turn can over and spray until nozzle is empty.
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