Bauer Polycem
Bauer Polycem
Bauer® Polycem Revolutionize building systems!  It is an innovative and efficient sealing material, capable of definitively eliminating rising moisture on the walls, effectively replacing mortar and adhesive. Where to use BAUER® Polycem?
  1. To cement perforated bricks and whole bricks.
  2. Repair cracks in stone and brick walls.
  3. Place tiles, fix natural stones, marble or tiles.
  4. Join any type of material on rough, plastered or reinforced walls.
  1. Ready to use.
  2. It reduces activities by 95%, being practical and easy to use at any time.
  3. Does not require water, lime, or concrete mixers.
  4. Eliminate preparation errors when mixing mortar.
  5. Saves time by allowing the construction of a wall in a third of the time.
  6. Increases performance 20 times, compared to the use of traditional mortar.
  7. It is a waterproof product.
  8. It is reusable after opening the package.
  9. Generates less waste than other building materials.
  10. Easy to store and transport.
  Bauer® Polycem Properties
  1. Resistance: Totally resistant to the elements, only 12 hours after use.
  2. Drying time: dry completely after 48 hours or (depending on weather conditions) 72 hours maximum.
  Application mode For masonry and brick laying
  1. Apply Bauer® Polycem along the surfaces to be joined, forming two strips with a diameter of approximately 1.5 cm.
  For laying tiles and stones
  1. Use a standard spatula.
  2. Make sure the application temperature is + 5 ° C (+ 40 ° F) to + 40 ° C (+ 105 ° F).
  For storage and reuse
  1. After use, seal the package hermetically, so that it can be used quickly and keep the properties of the product intact.
  2. Store in cool, dry conditions + 5 ° C (+ 40 ° F) to + 25 ° C (+ 80 ° F).
  3. Retains Bauer® Polycem properties, up to 6 months after opening the package.
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