Bocha court

We apply specialized techniques to improve a bocce court, beautifying the sports area and making the corresponding demarcation.

Fence Door

 We carry out wooden fence repairs, in case of sagging gates, swollen gates, misaligned hinge bolt and loose hinges.

Carpentry Storage

We apply restoration techniques in storage spaces for carpentry materials.


 We carry out the PVC cladding on exterior surfaces of the house, leaving an appearance of horizontally arranged boards.  

This technique is used both in new construction, extensions and remodeling.

Drywall Plinth

Drywall Repairs

Experienced professionals repair damage to drywall panels.  An easy and durable solution, which involves covering the treated area with layers of compounds, patches, or mesh until the area is covered.

Electric screen


Remodeling of floors:

 We use excellent quality materials in floor remodeling work, both indoors and outdoors.  100% guaranteed jobs.

Fascia remodeling

We perform fascia remodels to improve the facade of the house.  Benefits include: protection from adverse weather conditions by acting as a barrier against rain.

Double door and frame

We guarantee an excellent job of installing frame double doors, which beautify the environments of the house and provide lighting.

Sliding doors

The perfect solution to separate rooms or close rooms.  We install them in record time.

Exterior Doors

 The exterior doors provide security and are the main entrance to the house.  We have a team ready to carry out your installation without setbacks.


We provide the construction cleaning service, before delivery, in order to remove all excess materials.

Painting and demarcation

We offer the painting service of the work, as well as demarcation with weather resistant and high visibility traffic paint

Pipe cleaning

 Our company has the machinery and equipment to unblock or clean pipes.